Zelda Marathon Schedule

All times are tentative and subject to change based on final completion times.

Games played by Team Hyrule are in green. Games played by Team Lorule are in purple.

Date Time (CST) Game Name Player(s)
Friday, July 12 6:00pm A Link to the Past Bear (Lorule)
Friday, July 12 8:00pm Skyward Sword Jagger (Hyrule)
Saturday, July 13 6:00am Four Swords Anniversary Edition Blaumagier, Douggernaut, James (Lorule)
Saturday, July 13 9:00am Hyrule Warriors (All Levels, Co-Op) GamerDavid & Dellyflo (Hyrule)
Saturday, July 13 3:00pm Majora’s Mask 3D (All Masks) Jasef (Hyrule)
Saturday, July 13 10:00pm Irodzuki Tingle no Koi no Balloon Trip Douggernaut (Lorule)
Sunday, July 14 5:00am Oracle of Seasons Kennyan (Lorule)
Sunday, July 14 8:00am The Minish Cap Ruju (Hyrule)
Sunday, July 14 12:00pm Link’s Awakening DX Baltes (Lorule)
Sunday, July 14 1:00pm Phantom Hourglass L’oren (Hyrule)
Sunday, July 14 8:00pm A Link Between Worlds Blaumagier (Lorule)
Sunday, July 14 11:00pm Spirit Tracks Jagger (Hyrule)
Monday, July 15 5:00am Twilight Princess HD Gendarme (Lorule)
Monday, July 15 11:00am Zelda II: The Adventure of Link Metal (Hyrule)
Monday, July 15 1:00pm Ocarina of Time 3D Rob (Hyrule)
Monday, July 15 10:00pm Zelda’s Adventure (CD-i) Douggernaut (Lorule)
Tuesday, July 16 12:00am Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon (CD-i) Phil (Lorule)
Tuesday, July 16 2:00am Link: The Faces of Evil (CD-i) Phil (Lorule)
Tuesday, July 16 4:00am Hyrule Warriors (New Game+, Main Story) GamerDavid (Hyrule)
Tuesday, July 16 7:00am The Wind Waker HD Baltes (Lorule)
Tuesday, July 16 3:00pm The Legend of Zelda Britt (Hyrule)
Tuesday, July 16 5:00pm BS The Legend of Zelda Blaumagier (Lorule)
Tuesday, July 16 9:00pm BS The Legend of Zelda: Ancient Stone Tablets Blaumagier (Lorule)
Wednesday, July 17 1:00am Freshly-Picked Tingle’s Rosy Rupeeland Douggernaut (Lorule)
Wednesday, July 17 6:00am Link’s Crossbow Training Metal (Hyrule)
Wednesday, July 17 7:00am Cadence of Hyrule (Co-Op) Wolf & Metal (Hyrule)
Wednesday, July 17 1:00pm Breath of the Wild Britt (Hyrule)
Wednesday, July 17 7:00pm Ocarina of Time Randomizer Blaumagier (Lorule)
Thursday, July 18 1:00am Oracle of Ages Apple (Hyrule)
Thursday, July 18 6:00am Hyrule Warriors (Adventure Mode 1) GamerDavid (Hyrule)
Thursday, July 18 7:00am Hyrule Warriors (Adventure Mode 2) GamerDavid (Hyrule)
Thursday, July 18 8:00am Ocarina of Time Sonic62 (Lorule)
Thursday, July 18 2:00pm Tri-Force Heroes Gendarme, James, Blaumagier (Lorule)
Thursday, July 18 7:00pm Four Swords Adventures Metal, Dellyflo, Paladienne, Britt (Hyrule)
Friday, July 19 4:00am A Link to the Past Randomizer Blaumagier (Lorule)
Friday, July 19 7:00am Ocarina of Time Wazuki (Hyrule)
Friday, July 19 3:00pm Trophy Ceremony + Link’s Awakening Celebration Run TSG